Working together to protect babies worldwide

Join the initiative that unites healthcare professionals from around the world, tirelessly working to increase awareness about Rh incompatibility between mother and fetus. One of our core objectives is to make appropriate care widely available to women in developing nations.

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We are an international consortium of physicians, scientists, epidemiologists, midwives, global health advocates, and industrial partners that have come together to work towards the eradication of Rh disease.

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Rh disease is a genetic condition that occurs when a mother’s blood type is different from her child’s.

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We organize events around the world to encourage key players in the Rh disease field to share their experiences and challenges as well as their innovative ideas.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Launch for Julian Guthrie / Good Blood

A Doctor, a Donor, and the Incredible Breakthrough that Saved Millions of Babies

Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Virtual Birth Congress presents AN APPRAISAL ON Rh DISEASE PREVENTION

A thought-provoking symposium on the burden of Rh disease in the world today.